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TeleHealth is now available through our Patient Portal.

Schedule an E-Visit!

INSTRUCTIONS for Existing Patients:

You first must ACTIVATE your account on, please call or email the office for your Username and Password. Once you sing-in, you must verify all your contact and insurance information is up to date. You now have access to schedule an e-visit or a regular office visit!

Check-in for your E-Visit

Start your E-visit by checking in to your appointment through Patient Portal Account.

1. On the home page, click the Appointment Check-in box. 

2. Click NEXT at the top of the page to continue to navigate the Check-in process until it is COMPLETE. You do not have to complete all the forms to complete the Check-in process. But you do have to UPDATE CHANGES to your CONTACT and INSURANCE information. We also recommend updating changes to Allergies, Medications and Medical History.

3. When You are done filling out the forms, click on Complete Check-in Process.

4. The e-visit window will open. You will be on the left side of the screen and Dr. Shabazz will appear on the right side. You can communicate using one of the following methods. Please select your preferred method when you request your e-visit:

  • Phone: You provide the preferred phone number when you request the e-visit.
  • Video Chat: You and Dr. Shabazz use the on-screen microphone. Your browser may prompt you to allow access to your camera and microphone. You must allow access for this method.
  • Online Chat: Enter questions/comments in the Your Questions text box.

You can END the e-visit by clicking End e-Visit.

Instructions for New Patients:

Please call, email, or book an appointment online. Specify this is an E-visit. Once you have scheduled an appointment. The office will send you a link to register for YourHealthFile.  You can then follow the steps above to check-in for your E-visit.


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